Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Bus in Chicago

Before renting a Chicago charter bus, we understand that you probably have a few questions. We`ve compiled a few frequently asked questions to help you easily navigate the charter bus rental process. If you don`t see an answer to your rental questions, a Chicago Charter Bus Company representative can help you answer any and all of them when you call 312-667-0906.


Where can I travel in Chicago with my bus rental?

Chicago Charter Bus Company services the entire Chicago metro area, as well as other cities in Illinois. Depending on when you`re traveling, we can also offer long-distance transportation to other cities in the Midwest like Milwaukee, Madison, and Indianapolis. 


How do I reserve a Chicago charter bus rental?

Reserving a vehicle with Chicago Charter Bus Company starts with getting a personalized rental quote. You`ll need to have all of your trip information on hand when you call our team at 312-667-0906. A rental representative will generate a personalized quote based on your Chicago group trip details. If the quote fits with your group travel budget, you can reserve your bus over the phone or through a secure link online.


Do I need to put down a deposit?

A 10-30% deposit is required at the time of booking to lock in your charter bus rental. Deposit amounts may vary, depending on your trip. The full balance of your trip will be due 14 days before the start of your trip.


How much will my bus rental cost?

The total cost of your bus rental will depend on multiple factors. These include but are not limited to the duration of your trip, when you`re traveling, and your group size. To learn more about our pricing, check out this helpful price guide for Chicago bus rentals. Just keep in mind, the only way to get a fully accurate idea of pricing is by calling our team for a quote at 312-667-0906.


What payment methods does Chicago Charter Bus Company accept?

We accept credit card, check, and wire/ACH payments for international customers.


What is included in the cost of my bus rental?

At Chicago Charter Bus Company, we pride ourselves on offering transparent and inclusive pricing. Your bus rental pricing will include the hourly or daily cost of your bus and pay for your driver. A tip for your driver and charges outside of our control (like parking or tolls) will not be included in the cost of your rental.


How far in advance should I book my charter bus?

Chicago is a busy travel area and charter buses can be in high demand. It`s recommended that you reserve your charter bus at least 3 months in advance during most times of the year. If you're traveling during exceptionally busy travel seasons like summer, spring vacations, and major holidays, consider booking at least 6 months in advance.


What types of buses are available to rent in Chicago?

The Chicago Charter Bus Company network includes multiple types of buses to meet your group travel needs. Minibuses, sometimes called mini or midi coaches, can accommodate groups of 18 to 25 passengers. Full-size charter buses, also called motorcoaches or coach buses, can usually accommodate up to 56 passengers.


What amenities are available on my bus rental?

Amenities will vary from bus to bus, depending on the model. Typically, onboard amenities can include reclining seats, flat-screen TVs, WiFi, restrooms, auxiliary ports, and electrical outlets at each seat. You may also request premium amenities available on luxury bus rentals, such as leather seats and a sleek all-black exterior. Keep in mind that these vehicles are not always available to rent and are dependent upon availability. If there are specific amenities you`ll need on your bust just be sure to request them at the time of booking.


Do you offer party bus rentals?

Party bus rentals may be available depending on availability. Please inquire with one of our rental experts by calling at 312-667-0906 to see if party bus rentals are available in Chicago.


Do you have ADA-accessible charter bus rentals?

We can provide groups with fully accessible bus rentals with at least 24 hours` notice. ADA-accessible buses can include features like wheelchair lifts, additional handrails, and widened aisles. Please request your ADA-accessible bus as far in advance as possible so we can 100% ensure you have every feature and amenities needed.


Can I drive my own charter bus rental through Chicago?

Only your assigned, professional charter bus driver will be allowed to operate your bus throughout the duration of your trip.


Can I smoke or drink alcohol on my bus?

Smoking is prohibited on all buses in the Chicago Charter Bus Company network. Drinking alcohol may be allowed on certain vehicles, but this is dependent on the provider. Just notify your rental representative at the time of booking and we`ll make sure we match you with a built-in DD for your trip.


Can I make changes to my trip/rental reservation?

Changes can be made to your trip by calling your reservation expert. Depending on when you call and the changes you`re requesting, additional charges may be added to your rental.


Do I need to pay for my charter bus driver`s lodging or food and drinks?

If you have a multi-day trip, you`ll need to secure a lodging arrangement for your charter bus driver. By law, every driver must rest 8 hours for every 10 hours of driving. So if you have a Chicago trip spanning several evenings, you`ll want to make sure your driver is well-rested and comfortable in the evening. However, you won`t need to cover your driver`s food and drinks.


Do I need to tip my charter bus driver?

Although it isn't required, tipping your driver is highly recommended and appreciated. Charter bus drivers work hard to make sure your group is traveling safely and comfortably throughout Chicago. It`s usually recommended that you give your driver anywhere from 10-15% of your total rental cost.