Construction Site Shuttle Bus in Chicago

Construction Transportation Services in Chicago

If you’re managing one of many construction projects in Chicago, you’re looking at years of logistical challenges—including transportation to and from the site. That’s where Chicago Charter Bus Company comes in. Whether you need recurring daily shuttles for workers or want a one-off ride for a site visit, call us today at 312-667-0906 to discuss construction shuttle services for your company or firm in Chicago.

Arrange Shuttles for Chicago Construction Projects

Between new high-rise apartment towers, highway reconstruction, and mega-developments like Lincoln Yards and The Obama Presidential Center, construction projects in Chicago are neverending! Thankfully, our network includes all types of charter bus rentals so you can book the best one for your needs. A fleet of 15-passenger minibuses is perfect for zipping around all parts of Chicago throughout the day while a 30-passenger minibus rental could work for picking up and dropping off a sizeable group.

Additionally, shuttle bus rentals include amenities that are perfect for commuter comfort. While traveling to and from work, construction workers can enjoy air-conditioned or heated cabins, reclining seats, and overhead storage space for personal belongings. They can also enjoy the time at the beginning or end of their work day without navigating stressful Chicago rush hour.

Long-Term Construction Shuttle Contracts in Chicago

Our team is experienced in providing shuttle service for Chicago commuters—and construction project teams are no exception. We can work with you to create a long-term contract customized to the needs of your project, whether you need a fleet or charter buses for daily commutes or an on-site shuttle to travel back and forth between building plots. Charter bus rental prices in Chicago vary from trip to trip, so contact us today to get a free, customized quote for your contract.)

If you have a large team of construction workers needed at one site, it can be easier and more efficient to shuttle everyone together at the same time rather than asking workers to commute. For example, if a construction site is located in a congested urban district or a residential neighborhood with little parking, there may not be enough space for your team to commute with a personal vehicle.

Here’s where private shuttle service shines. All you need to do is identify pick-up/drop-off locations in Chicago that work for your team, and we’ll help you organize a commuter route and schedule!

Commuter Shuttles to Construction Sites in the Greater Chicago Area

Chicago Charter Bus Company construction shuttles aren’t confined to city limits. For example, we can help you organize a charter bus rental to Joliet, a shuttle service in Evanston, Arlington Heights bus rentals, and any other Chicago suburb. Some of your employees may rely on public transportation to get to work and others may face the challenge of a long commute with excessive wear and tear on their vehicle. With commuter shuttles to Chicago construction sites, employees can easily get to work no matter where they’re traveling from.

Book a Chicago Construction Bus Service Today

Ready to book a construction bus in Chicago? One of our representatives will work with you to customize your transportation services. We’ll help you organize one-time trips, commuter shuttles, and construction site bus rentals for the duration of your project—and, thanks to our 24/7 customer support, if you have any questions or need to make changes to your shuttle service during the time of your contract, you can simply contact us, and we’ll work with you to get your transportation needs met. Call us at 312-667-0906 to speak with a representative today.