Corporate Shuttle Service in Chicago

Corporate Shuttle Service in Chicago

A shuttle service can be a wonderful benefit to offer your employees, whether you intend to have it as a permanent perk or just need a temporary way to get them to the office. Chicago Charter Bus Company is ready to set up a shuttle service for you on a recurring basis. Just call us at 312-667-0906, and we`ll create the right long-term contract for your business.

Keep Your Employees Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how we move through public spaces. If your employees aren`t comfortable relying on public transit or you`re concerned about them being exposed to hundreds of people who work outside your office, book a private shuttle service. The vehicle will hold only your employees, and you can control how far apart passengers sit and whether they`re required to wear masks or do a temperature check. All of the buses in our network receive regular cleaning, and we`ll make sure your charter bus driver wears a mask too.

Book a Bus That Meets Your Needs

Chicago Charter Bus Company can find buses in a range of sizes. Need an 18-passenger minibus for a quick trip from the closest L station to your office? No problem. Want a 56-person charter bus to take a large number of employees from Naperville to Chicago each day? We can do that too.

A private shuttle bus can also come with any amenities you need to give your employees a relaxing trip. Ask for free WiFi so your coworkers can answer emails or listen to a podcast on their way to the office, and make sure you request power outlets so their phones or laptops don`t die on the way to work.

Take the Stress Out of Commuting

In 2019, CNBC found that Chicagoans spend an average of 69 minutes commuting to and from work each day. Spending that much time stuck behind the wheel of a car or standing on a crowded L train leaves employees exhausted and stressed by the time they arrive at the office, making it far harder for them to be productive.

Imagine if all of your employees could simply climb onto an air-conditioned or heated bus, lean back in a reclining seat, and let someone else take care of driving them straight to your destination. They'll arrive at work relaxed and ready to dive into assignments, and you can attract amazing new employees by letting them know you offer shuttle service as a free benefit. Rent a charter bus in Des Plaines and other Chicago suburbs to make this a reality!

Build a Customized Route

If your employees don`t live near an L station, they could be forced to drive or spend 20 minutes on a circuitous public bus route just to reach their train stop. And if your office isn`t near a train station, you`ll be confronted by the “last mile problem” once the train drops employees off, they have no way to travel the last bit of distance to the office.

A private shuttle service can solve these problems. If you`re only worried about the trip between the train station and your workplace, Chicago Charter Bus Company can provide a minibus to run a set route between the two. And if you have many employees who live in the far corners of Evanston or Oak Park and can`t rely on the CTA, we`ll send a full-size charter bus to pick them up and carry them safely to the office.

Arrange an On-Site Shuttle

We`ve talked a lot about getting to the workplace, but what if you have multiple offices or sites where your employees do their work? Chicago Charter Bus Company can also help with transportation between workplaces.

Set up a shuttle that runs on the schedule you request so employees can quickly get to construction sites, other offices, factories, or the cafeteria. You can also use a corporate shuttle service to help your coworkers attend conventions, happy hours, or team-building activities. Climate control, plush, reclining seats, and optional WiFi will help them stay comfortable and relaxed no matter where they`re going.

Book a Corporate Shuttle Service Today

If you`re looking for a safe, reliable, and customized way to get your employees from their homes to work each day, a corporate shuttle service from Chicago Charter Bus Company is a great option. Let your employees climb onto an air-conditioned charter bus or minibus to ride from their homes to the office, from the train station to the factory, or from their workplace to a happy hour event. No matter where they`re going, we`ll provide a professional driver and comfortable, clean bus to help them get there. Just give us a call at 312-667-0906.